The InSpecRes Home Inspection Group consists of independent associates who share the same core values. As Registered Home Inspectors and consultants, we offer a courteous, bilingual professional service with personalized inspection reports.

Collectively, we are able to provide quality home inspection and consulting services in the National Capital region and West Quebec. The area covered spans from Carp to Embrun and from Manotick to Wakefield (Québec).

Bilingual Service

Our home inspectors and consultants are bilingual and able to provide services in both official languages, English and French.

Personalized Inspection Report

Providing personalized home inspection reports is a key element of the InSpecRes philosophy. We have extensively researched the types of reporting systems available and have chosen the one that we think offers the most useful information to our clients. The reporting system used by InSpecRes is based on industry accepted Standards of Practice and offers the following advantages:

a. The inspection report produced does not contain long checklists of mostly unselected items; only the items which the home inspector wishes to bring to the client’s attention.

b. The report does not include a home improvement and repair cost guide often seen in binder type reports delivered to clients immediately after the home inspection. We prefer to provide links to reputable websites with up-to-date home improvement and repair cost figures. We feel the client is better served with current cost figures.

c. The inspection report contains narrative text where needed, whether it be to expand on a system’s description, to define the limitations of the home inspection or to give detailed recommendations on the way to address areas of concern.

d. The personalized written explanations are supplemented by illustrations that correspond to the home inspector’s findings.

e. Photos of the particular conditions present in the home inspected are inserted into the report.

This approach ensures the home inspection report is a detailed, comprehensive and easy-to-read document containing useful information for our client.

We believe the home inspection report is a very important element of our service and we take the time it takes to prepare a quality document. It is not the fastest way to prepare and deliver a home inspection report. The home inspection report is not handed to the client immediately after the inspection. Although the client does not leave the inspection site with report in hand, he will be able to get a strong feeling from the inspector of any major issues that will need addressing. Immediately following the inspection, the inspector will summarize his findings using actual photos. We believe the extra effort required to prepare an illustrated personalized report with narrative text offsite is well justified. You, our client, get a superior product.

Inspection Report Delivery

The home inspection report is generally delivered by e-mail within 24 hours of the inspection. Alternatively, the inspection report may be delivered on a CD in pdf format or as a paper copy using a messenger service. One of the advantages of an electronic report, as opposed to a binder type report, is that it may be simultaneously delivered to other interested parties, such as the client’s real estate agent or a foreign investor. Our reporting system can be tailored to meet your needs.

Consulting Services

InSpecRes associates work in close collaboration with each other and share knowledge. They are committed to continuing education to ensure they are up to date with the most recent changes in the home construction industry.

All InSpecRes clients benefit from the combined knowledge of our dedicated inspectors. Choose InSpecRes Home Inspection Group for better service and a better home inspection report.