IR Thermography Services and Fees

An infrared thermography inspection as a stand alone service will assist the home owner in detecting energy waste, insulation deficiencies, plumbing leaks, as well as moisture conditions and electrical component overheating.

Type of Home Total Area Infrared Inspection
Single family home up to 2500 sq ft $350
Single family home between 2500 and 4000 sq ft $350
Single family home over 4000 sq ft Please contact us for a quotation
Townhome – condominium and freehold n.a. $350
Semi-detached (one unit) up to 2000 sq ft $350
Double (both units) up to 3000 sq ft $475
Duplex (upper and lower) up to 3000 sq ft $400
Triplex n.a. $475
Fourplex n.a. $550
Single item inspection (without personalised report) n.a. $175

Notes: 1. These fees are based on a personalized inspection report delivered via e-mail. Should a client request an electronic copy on CD or a paper copy, an additional fee of $50 shall apply to cover shipping and handling.

2. The fees shown are for an IR Thermography inspection only. If the IR Thermography inspection is booked at the same time as a standard home inspection, the fees are lower. Refer to Home Inspection Fee Schedule.

3. HST applies to all services.